General Features

Large Space

Our domain hosting plans provide a generous amount of space more than enough to to host all your web pages, images, files and data and mail in transit. As your web site grows we can accommodate it by providing a larger plan to suit you.

Generous Traffic Allowance

Our range of traffic allowance is designed to cater for a wide range of domains from a simple personal site with a few mailboxes up to a busy information portal with many mailboxes.

True Multiple Domain Support

Our system allows you to have more than one web site yet you only pay account. Each of your domain/sub domain names has a separate directory and email system. Deleting or updating one site will not affect the others.

Sub Domains

Create multiple sub-domains. For example if you have the domain name "", you can have (or,,, etc.

Dedicated IP Address

We can provide dedicated IP address to your domains / web sites should it be required.


World Class Data Center and Internet Connectivity

Our servers are housed in a world class data center with all the bells and whistles expected from such facility, such as UPS backup and generators, redundant power feed, VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus), climate and temperature control, Network Operation Center (NOC) staffed 24/7, and a fully meshed redundant connectivity to the Internet backbones.

24/7 Monitoring System

Every aspect of our web hosting service is monitored around the clock. From web, email, dns, control panel, hard drive space and server load, everything is carefully monitored so we can keep up our quality of service to you.

Daily Backup System

Every file, database and email account is backed up every day so that we can recover from crashes, computer failures or even just to bail you out if you ever made a mistake and accidentally deleted all your files.
Our systems are constantly, religiously and carefully updated for the purpose of keeping up with the latest security patches and updates. Special security settings are applied to improve the security of our system and your data whereever possible.

E-Mail Features

Virus Protection

All emails passing through our system are scanned for viruses.

Spam and Junk Mail Protection

Save your time from sifting through the junk mails. Our Spam protection systems makes it easy to identify and filter the spam away from your inbox.

E-Mail Account Aliases

Create email address aliases for your email accounts. For example, create an alias called for your actual email account

Advanced Email Forwarding

Our email forwarding feature allows you to have multiple recipients. For example you can have going to, and all at the same time.

Catch-All Account

You can designate one of your email accounts to receive all emails that are sent to non-existent addresses. For example, if you one mailbox but wish to also receive emails sent to any address such as,, or, then you can set the to be the catch-all account and all such mail will be delivered to that mailbox

Free Mailing List Facility

Create newsletters, discussion list etc using our mailing list feature. It allows your customers to automatically subscribe and unsubscribe to/from your list.

Secure Web Mail Facility

We provide web mail facility with address book and calendar so you can read and reply to your emails while you are away. You can access our web mail from any Internet browser worldwide. For extra security, our web mail facility is also available through SSL security.

Website Features

Ready made Scripts

We provide ready to use scripts such as page counters, guestbook, web chat scripts that can be integrated to your web site easily as well as pre-installed WordPress, Joomla etc sites.

Detailed Site Statistics

With every website that you host with us, we provide automated detailed statistics so you know how your site is doing. Find out which is the most popular page visited, where your visitors came from, what is your site's busiest time, how they found your site, and what search keywords they used to find it.

Your Own CGI-BIN

You can run your own cgi scripts to provide custom functionalities on your web site. You can also install the many cgi-scripts that are freely available on the web.

Perl, Python and More

We can host many of the popular scripting tools and supporting modules to give you more choices and flexibility to use any Perl or Python web scripts out there on your web site.

PHP Scripting - Advanced

We specialise in providing a rich set of PHP modules and Perl Libraries to support and host the widest range of PHP scripts and web sites out there. We understand PHP and can provide support for the advanced PHP developers' web hosting needs.
We provide FREE Secure SSL facility on some of our web hosting packages. SSL allows you to provide secure encrypted connection from your visitors to and from your website, often used for e-commerce / credit card payment facility.

Free Shared SSL and Low Cost SSL Certificates

We offer shared SSL certificates for FREE. If you prefer to have your own SSL certificate, we have partnered with one of the leading SSL certificate authorities to offer you low cost SSL certificates with free installation. You can also use your own SSL certificates. h4>Domain Aliasing Point several domain names to one web site. For example, you can have, and all pointing to the same web site.

Unix or Windows Platform Choice

We offer you the choice of Unix or Windows for your web hosting platform. You can use either Unix and Windows webhosting or a combination so that you can use ASP or ASP.NET on your Windows projects and take advantage of PHP, Perl or other Unix tools on our Unix hosting. Both are done natively on each platform so there are no "translation layers" involved.

Unix Hosting Features

Cron Jobs

Schedule jobs to be performed at a certain time via our crontab facility, for example to perform clean up or reminder mailouts or to check and respond to incoming emails automatically.

Windows Hosting Features

ASP Hosting

Our ASP and ASP.Net Hosting runs on fully updated and patched Windows Servers. It comes with many features and ASP components to be used by your scripts.

Microsoft FrontPage Server Extensions

Designing with FrontPage? We provide FrontPage support on our Windows web hosting services.


High Performance MySQL Database Server

Host your dynamic web sites powered by PHP, Perl, Python, ASP or ASP.NET with our high performance MySQL database servers. MySQL is available for both Unix and Windows web hosting.

By using a dedicated database server, we can deliver better performance for your web sites. MySQL/PostgreSQL databases are included in our packages free of charge.

In addition, we provide MS SQL Server hosting (additional charges apply)